WebRTC technology is present in many browsers, but everyone knows that it can leak personal data. In the article, we will analyze why and how to disable WebRTC in your browser.
Social media
With FollowingLike you can quickly and easily boost your social media accounts. But is it that safe? Use a proxy, and then you should not be afraid of any blocking. In this article, you will learn what a proxy does and how to set it up in FollowingLike.
Online anonymity is an important thing for a modern person. Many people use anti-detect browsers for work, business promotion, and just safe web surfing. We will tell you about the top seven browsers that will provide you with reliable data protection.
The TCP and UDP protocols carry information on the Internet, but which one is more reliable? After all, it is important for us that the data is delivered safely without the risk of leaks and hacks. In this article, we will tell you what is the difference between TCP and UDP and which one you should use.
Operating systems
Setting up a proxy in Ubuntu will secure your data, make you anonymous on the network and help you bypass any blocking. In this article, we will show several ways to set up proxy servers in the Ubuntu operating system.
For effective promotion in social networks, many people use the Indigo Browser application. And installing a proxy server will also provide your accounts with additional protection from blocking and restrictions. How to set up a proxy in the Indigo anti-detect Browser, you will learn from our article.
Many people choose Octo Browser anti-detect for multi-accounting, web scraping, and online promotion. A proxy server will help you make all these processes even safer and more efficient. Why you should use a proxy and how to configure it in Octo Browser - you will learn in this article.