Return policy

Terms of replacement service:

The products purchased on this site are intangible, which means they cannot be returned physically, therefore the purchased digital product cannot be returned, but only replaced.

  • need to change region/state/city (considering the difference in price);
  • the IP address(es) have unsatisfactory ping or speed;
  • for some reason at the time of receiving the order (excluding the impossibility of setting) the address turned out to be inoperative;
  • at the time of receiving the order, an incorrect location was found (the reason for which we have no influence). If the IP location is checked by a dubious service/program, we have the right to refuse to replace it.
  • frequent disconnects were noticed and this was confirmed by our technical specialist (if these are the consequences of your own written software, the replacement will be refused, we do not select IP for self-written software).

The "private proxy" service is not subject to replacement/return in case of blocking at the time of operation. Blocking is a consequence of the intended use by the client.


Сarried out in full paid amount (excluding the conditions listed below), provided checking the order in the first 24 hours after the payment. It is strongly recommended that you do not ignore this clause.

  • IP address(es) turned out to be inoperative and absent/refusal possibility of replacement with another one within a paid location;
  • lack of authorization to the IP address, provided that there was an appeal to support and the specialist confirmed that the problem will persist;
  • lack of the required ip location in sufficient quantity or for the required purpose of use;
  • your chosen purpose of use is contrary to the terms of our website.
Refund is not possible for orders with 2 days rental period. An exception can only be made if complete proxy malfunction with no possibility of replacement is confirmed on our side.

Refunds are made exclusively to those credentials from which the payment was made. Excluding crypto wallets.