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Proxy settings tutorial for CCProxy

How CCProxy Works

This is similar to the operation of a Wi-Fi access point when several computers connect to the same network, but CCProxy distributes not the Internet, but proxy servers. You can add or restrict access to specific sites, set opening hours, filter content, and more. Users who connect to the proxy will have all their settings saved.

CCProxy supports all major proxy servers, so you can choose any of them or several at once. The most reliable proxies are HTTP(s) and SOCKS.

How to set up a proxy in CCProxy

    1. Open the program and click on the "Options" section.

    2. Check the boxes for the protocols you need to work with.

    3. You can leave the ports that are by default, or replace them with any available ones.

    4. Select additional program features as you wish.

    5. Click on the “OK” button.

    6. Now go to the "Account" section.

    7. You need to add users who can connect to your proxy. Next to "Permit Category" select "Permit Only".


    8. Next to "Auth Type" you can select the data by which the user will be admitted to the network. We selected access by username and password, and IP address.

    9. Now let's add users. To do this, click on the "New" button.

    10. Enter any username below and enter the data that will be needed to connect (the data selected in the “Auth Type”). In our case: the password and IP address of the device.

    11. Here you can set traffic limits and choose which types of proxies will be available to new users.

    12. You can select time filters or restrict access to specific web resources.

    13. Click "Save" and then "Ok".

    14. The IP address of the device you added will appear in the box. Click "Ok" again.

    15. After that, return to the main page and click "Start".

Now you know how to set up and share a proxy in CCProxy. This program will help you organize safe work, protect against hacking and install the necessary network filters.

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