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How to set up a proxy in FreeCap

Why FreeCap is needed

Through FreeCap, you can access the Internet through a reliable server, change your IP address and location, bypass any restrictions and create as many accounts in programs, social networks, games, and other services as you want. FreeCap supports SOCKS5 and SOCKS4 proxy types, which provide additional security through traffic encryption and HTTP.

If you already have a personal proxy server, let's move on to setting it up.

Step-by-step proxy settings in FreeCap

    1. Open the program and click on the "New application" icon.


    2. Click the "Browse" button and select the program on the device to which you want to apply the proxy. You need to find the file in .exe format (we select the Chrome browser as an example)


    3. Click the "OK" button.


After that, the program will appear in your FreeCap.


    4. Now you need to add a proxy to FreeCap. Click on the "File" tab and select "Settings".


    5. Open the "Proxy Settings" section and enter the IP address and port of your proxy server in the required fields.


    6. Select the type of proxy protocol.


    7. If you are using a personal proxy server, check the box next to "Authentication required" and enter the proxy username and password.


    8. Click the "Apply" button and then "OK".


    9. You have added a proxy to FreeCap. Now you need to bind the server to the program that we added earlier. Click once on the program icon and select the "Run" icon above.


Now the configured program will run through the proxy server! Your actual IP address will be hidden and everyone on the Internet will see the proxy’s address.

You can also add new servers to create a chain. For this:

    1. Go back to Settings and go to the "Proxy Chain" tab.


    2. Click on the "Add" button.


    3. Enter the details of the new proxy and click on the “OK” button.


Although SOCKS is considered one of the most reliable types of proxy, it is unlikely for you to have reliable protection if you use free servers. They are open to any user, which means they will be slow and of poor quality. Choose personal proxies, and then you will not face any blocking and restrictions.

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