Proxy settings tutorial in Jarvee to automate social networks

Jarvee is a social media promotion automation platform. Through Jarvee, online marketers grow their businesses and personal blogs on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. The tool allows you to get followers, likes, and views, schedule posts, and engage in mass liking and mass following.

This is convenient for you but breaks the policies of popular social networks. Algorithms notice suspicious activity from your IP address and block your account. Therefore, in order to safely enjoy all the benefits of Jarvee, you need to use a proxy server.

Why is it better to choose Jarvee proxy over VPN or VPS?

Technically, proxies, VPNs, and VPSs hide your IP address and allow you to surf the web anonymously. But in the case of social networks, it is still better to choose a proxy.

Since you are working with accounts, you need to bind each of them to its own IP address - and this is only possible with a proxy server. For social networks, it will look like a real person is sitting behind each account. You will be able to hide your personal IP address, and social media algorithms will see Jarvee's actions as the behavior of a real person.

How to set up a proxy for Jarvee

  1. Open the program and log into your account.
  2. In the sidebar, select the "Proxy Manager" section.


  3. Click on the "Add Proxy" button.


  4. Enter your proxy details in the fields below: 1 – IP-address:port, 2 – username, 3 – password.


  5. If you have a proxy file in TXT format, click on the "Import Proxy" button and select the desired file on your device. All proxies will automatically be pulled up to the proxy manager.


  6. In the "Social Profiles" field, select your social network account and click the "Add" button.


  7. To check how your proxy works and if it is suitable for Jervee, click on the "Verify Proxy" button.


  8. In the "Url to use to verify the proxies" field, enter the address of the social network for which you want to use a proxy.


You have configured a proxy for Jervee! Now you can exit “Proxy Manager” and continue working in the program. We recommend using a high-quality personal proxy server. It will protect your accounts from sudden blocking and help you successfully promote your business on social networks.