Tutorial for setting up a proxy in GSA Search Engine Ranker

GSA Search Engine Ranker is a tool for optimizing web resources and building links to bring your site to the top positions of the search engine. The feature of GSA SER is that the system creates a list of relevant resources for placing links. It crawls websites, chooses the best options, and provides a database.

But using GSA SER to its full potential without a proxy server is a risky idea. This can lead to blocking and restricting access to many resources. Let's find out why.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in GSA Search Engine Ranker

Why is it important to use a proxy for GSA Search Engine Ranker

When a program sends links in bulk from a single IP address (i.e. from a single device), it may look like spam. That’s why web resources often restrict access, and Google can completely block such a “spammer”. In order to use the GSA SER again, you need to change the IP address.

It is better to purchase a package of reliable personal proxies in advance, and the program will distribute them according to tasks. Why can't several or even one proxy solve the problem? Because the mailing occurs in large volumes, and the more proxy servers you have, the less suspicion will arise in the direction of your site.

Ideally, post 1-3 links from one IP address. Then the success rate will be much higher, and the risks of getting blocked will be minimal. The whole process will look as if the links are manually placed by many users from different parts of the world.

How to set up a proxy for GSA Search Engine Ranker

  1. Open the program and click on the "Options" button.


  2. Check the box next to "Use proxies".


  3. Click on the "Configure" button.


  4. Copy your proxy data in the format IP:port:username:password. Now go back to the program, click the "Add proxy" button, and select "Import from Clipboard". All your proxies will immediately pull up.


  5. To test the performance of a proxy server, click on the "Test Proxies" - "All" - "Against Anonymous Test URL" button.


  6. If the proxies passed the check, click “OK”.


  7. You will return to the main page again. It should be noted here that you are using private proxies (and we hope that you have such proxies, because with free ones you risk getting blocked). Check the boxes next to the task names and tick "Private" next to them.


  8. Click “OK”. The proxy configuration is completed!


You have successfully set up a proxy for GSA Search Engine Ranker. We recommend using private proxies which will give you a high success rate. The problem with free proxies is that they are unreliable and are immediately tracked by web resource protection systems.