Setting up a proxy in Wrath AIO Sneakerbot

The Wrath AIO shoe bot has consistently ranked as one of the top sneaker bots, featuring in the top 5 in 2022 and continuing to lead in 2023. This bot is specifically designed for purchasing branded sneakers directly from manufacturers at the time of their release, facilitating their distribution to smaller retail outlets.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS, the Wrath AIO bot operates on platforms like Shopify and Raffle, as well as on major retail sites like Amazon and Walmart. It supports drops from popular brands such as Adidas, Nike Air Jordan, and others.

A significant technical feature of Wrath AIO is its built-in capability to bypass blockings on various drop sites. However, even with this feature, the bot might face challenges with highly secure sites. Such difficulties can result in missing out on sneaker drops and potentially getting blacklisted by these platforms. To mitigate these risks, it is crucial to integrate a proxy into the Wrath AIO Sneakerbot program, enhancing its effectiveness and ensuring uninterrupted access to sneaker releases.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Wrath AIO

How to set up a proxy in Wrath AIO

Follow these steps to set up a proxy in the Wrath AIO sneaker resale bot:

  1. Launch the Wrath AIO application. In the control panel on the left side of the window, click on the planet icon to access proxy settings.
  2. image009.png

  3. In the “Proxies” tab, you'll find an “Enter Proxies” field for inputting proxy server details. Here, enter the IP addresses and ports of your proxy servers in the format “ip-address:port:username:password”. You can add each proxy connection individually or paste an entire list of proxy IPs.
  4. image003.png

  5. Below the "Enter Proxies" field is a space labeled "Proxy List Name". Assign a name to your group of proxies for easy identification and click the “Save” button. This action will store your list in the “Proxy Lists” section.
  6. image005.png

  7. Select your newly created proxy group and choose either the “Ping” or “Edit” option. This will open a field where you can test the effectiveness of your proxy connections.
  8. image007.png

  9. In the testing window, click on the “Test” button and select a website for the test. Ideally, choose the site where the bot will primarily operate for sneaker purchases.
  10. image007к.png

With these settings, all bot traffic will be routed through the configured proxies. This ensures that only the proxy server’s IP address is visible to website security systems, keeping your actual IP address concealed.