Setting up a proxy in the Proxy Switcher and Manager extension for Firefox

Proxy Switcher and Manager is an extension designed for configuring and managing proxy servers in Firefox. It offers several additional features, including the ability to create separate profiles, access an error log, and utilize PAC scripts.


How to set up proxy in Proxy Switcher for Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch Proxy Switcher and Manager, and navigate to the “Manual Proxy” tab. Set a name for the profile, select the desired protocol, and enter the IP address and proxy port. Confirm the settings.


  2. If you are using a private proxy, open a new browser tab. The system will prompt you to enter your username and password. Input these details and click “Sign in”.


  3. To configure additional proxy servers, create a new profile, and fill in the details similarly to the first profile. You can switch between different profiles as needed from this menu.


  4. If no proxy is needed, select the “Direct” tab. This will revert the browser to using your real IP address.


This completes the configuration of the proxy server in the Proxy Switcher and Manager extension. Using private proxies with this extension enhances the confidentiality of your connections, enabling you to bypass regional restrictions and secure user accounts on various web platforms, such as social networks.