Proxy settings in the Serposcope SEO program

Serposcope is a free SEO analysis and improvement tool. With it, you can easily track the desired keywords, website rankings, competitors, search by specific cities, countries, and other parameters. All this is necessary for high-quality SEO optimization of your site and business growth because, without SEO, potential customers simply will not find you.

If you are not using a proxy, the program will use your default IP address. This can damage the data on your device and expose you to Google blocking. Setting up a proxy server for Serposcope will help you change your IP address, bypass any blocks on the network, and speed up the program. So let's move on to the setup.

How to set up a proxy for Serposcope

Setting up a proxy in Serposcope is quite easy. Since this program is free, it doesn't take much time to install and create an account.

  1. Open the program and log in to your account.
  2. At the top, go to the "Settings" tab.
  3. Select the "Proxies" section.
  4. 3.png

  5. Click the "Add Proxy" button and enter your proxy server details separated by a colon: IP-address:port:username:password.
  6. 4.png

  7. You can check if your proxy is working properly. To do this, click on the "Check All" button, and the result will appear next to the proxy server. If the result is negative, most likely the proxy has expired or the server has a bad reputation. This often happens with free public proxies, so we recommend using personal ones.
  8. 5.png

  9. Setup completed! To remove a proxy, check the required server and click "Delete proxy".
  10. 6.png

Which proxy is suitable for Serposcope

You can use Mobile, Residential, or Data Center proxies. The most reliable, but also expensive, will be Mobile proxy servers, but you should not save on the security of your business. We do not recommend using free public proxies. They do not differ in better quality or speed, but on the contrary, they can harm your device and lead to blocking your Serposcope account or main IP address.