Proxy settings in Balko Sneaker Bot

Balko Sneaker Bot is a special service with which you can automatically buy sneakers in online stores, faster than others and in large volumes.

Sometimes it is very difficult to get the desired limited edition model, as many of them fly apart in the first minutes of the sale. This is where Balko Bot will help you – it visits the pages of branded online stores, places orders, and makes purchases. This entire procedure often takes only a few seconds.

Why do you need a proxy for Balko Bot

But brand stores are against the use of third-party services on their sites. The security system easily tracks bots by IP address and blocks access to the store. To prevent this from happening, use a proxy!

A proxy server will help hide the IP address, protect you from blocking, and increase your success rate by several times. Next, we will tell you how to set up and use a proxy for Balko Sneaker Bot.

How to set up a proxy for Balko Sneaker Bot

  1. Open the program and click on the "Proxies" tab.


  2. At the bottom, click on the plus next to the "Proxy Group" inscription.


  3. In the opened window, think up and enter the name of the proxy group, then click "Create". You can create as many proxy groups as you want for different purposes and sites. So the risk of getting into the block will decrease several times.


  4. Click on the "Add Proxies" button.


  5. In the opened window, paste the proxy data: IP address, port, username, and password separated by a colon. Then click on the "Add Proxies" buttons.


Done, proxy settings for Balko Sneaker Bot are completed.


Now you know how to set up a proxy server for Balko Sneaker Bot. We recommend using only paid private proxies, which guarantee you safety with the sneaker hunt. Free proxies can block the bot or slow it down - and as we know, speed is really important in buying sneakers.