Proxy settings in Autopilot SEO Software

Why you should use a proxy for SEO Autopilot

A proxy is required when working with SEO Autopilot. Without it, sites, where you post content or links, will easily be detected by third-party programs. This may result in your account being blocked. With a proxy, you can change your IP address and hide your location, as well as bypass any blocking and captchas. The security system of Google and other web resources will not understand that you are using software, but will track it as the actions of a real person.

Problems can arise if you are doing a lot of operations from the same IP address. But if you use several proxies for different actions, this will significantly reduce the risk of blocking.

Setting up a proxy server will take you only a couple of minutes, and you will see the result after the first launch of the program.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Autopilot SEO Software

How to set up a proxy for SEO Autopilot

  1. Open the program and log in.
  2. Go to the "Settings" section.


  3. Go to the "Proxies" tab.


  4. Check the box next to "Use Proxies".


  5. Enter the details of your proxy server (or several, if you have more than one proxy). Every proxy should be written separated by a colon: IP-address:port:username:password. You can enter several proxies at once - so the level of protection will be much higher.


  6. You can check if the proxy is working. To do this, click "Test Proxies".


  7. Click on the "Save" button and exit the settings. The proxy has been set!



You have successfully set up a proxy for SEO Autopilot software. To increase the level of success in SEO promotion of your site, use only high-quality personal proxies. No need to rely on free servers: many people can use them at the same time, and this reduces the speed of work and exposes your account to blocking.