How to use proxy in SocksDroid on Android

When using the internet, especially on mobile devices, safety and anonymity are paramount. Our smartphones are repositories of our personal lives, encompassing contacts, social networks, online purchases, and even payments at supermarket checkouts.

Developers have attempted to safeguard mobile devices with multi-level protection systems. Ьost Android firmware doesn't offer an option to connect a proxy for mobile internet directly.

To set up a proxy for mobile internet on Android, the solution lies in using an app like SocksDroid.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in SocksDroid

Step-by-step proxy setup in the SocksDroid application

SocksDroid is a complimentary proxy application for Android designed to conceal and secure your online activities. It maintains high connection speeds while enabling the redirection of traffic through a remote server with just a few clicks. This app is adept at hiding both mobile and Wi-Fi traffic, offering an enhanced layer of privacy for your internet activities on Android devices.

To add a proxy to SocksDroid:

To set up a proxy using SocksDroid on Android:

  1. Download and open the SocksDroid application from Google Play.
  2. On the settings page, input the server address in the “Server IP” field and the port number in the “Server Port” field. Enable the “IPv6 forwarding” option if your proxy supports IPv6. The “UDP” option, useful for file transfers and video streaming, will only function with proxies that support the Socks protocol.

    1 (1).png

  3. For private servers, activate the “Authentication” feature. Enter your login credentials in the “username” field and your password in the “password” field. If you're using a public server, keep this feature disabled to ensure the application functions correctly.


  4. Once you have entered the basic settings, initiate the proxy connection by clicking the switch in the upper right corner.


Note that a significant advantage of SocksDroid is that it allows you to set up a proxy without needing root access, unlike many other proxy clients.