How to set up a proxy in the Somiibo app

Somiibo is a versatile social media bot designed for group owners and advertisers on platforms like Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, Spotify, and Reddit, among others. This tool automates actions on behalf of group members and external users, enabling likes, subscriptions, and various other activities. It's particularly useful for promoting specific accounts or advertising campaigns across social networks.

For platforms such as Reddit, Spotify, and Pinterest, the Somiibo app supports proxy usage. This feature helps bypass access restrictions to resources, enhances anonymity and security online, and reduces the risk of account blocking for webmasters.

Furthermore, Somiibo offers a development API that allows for the creation of custom settings and extensions, and is seamlessly compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Now that we have an understanding of Somiibo, let's explore how to modify its network settings.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Somiibo

Setting up a proxy in Somiibo to automate social media

To set up a proxy in Somiibo, follow these steps:

  1. Open the program, which will launch in its built-in browser. Access the menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner and select the “Settings” tab.
  2. image005.png

  3. In the “Settings” menu, choose the “Sessions” tab located on the left side of the window.
  4. image007.png

  5. For new users, there will be two default account types: “Default” and “Incognito”. To configure the “Default” profile, click the three dots next to it and select “Edit”.
  6. image009.png

  7. In the “Edit” menu, expand the “Advanced Options” section and click the plus sign on the right.
  8. image012.jpg

  9. Here, you'll find the proxy settings and a list of applicable user agents. Enter your proxy server details in the “Proxy” field. Use the format “protocol://ip:port” for free proxies, or “protocol://username:password@ip:port” for private proxies. Once entered, click “Save Session”.
  10. image013.png

After updating these settings, your network security will be enhanced, and as a webmaster, you can bypass most blocks using the proxy.

Note that private proxy servers supporting HTTP(s) and Socks5 are ideal for Somiibo.