What type of proxy to choose for Sneaker Bots

Nowadays bots have become the best helpers of “sneaker hunters”. Sneaker Bot is a tool that helps you buy sneakers from online stores faster than other users. It is enough to enter the desired model, size, and color into the program, specify the site and start the software, and then the bot will do everything for you.

So, in order to succeed in sneaker hunting, you need the bot itself and… a high-quality proxy. What do proxies give and what type is better to choose - let's figure it out.

Is it possible to run Sneaker Bots without a proxy

Many branded online stores (e.g. Supreme, Shopify, Nike, Adidas) use site protection to prevent the use of Sneaker Bots. Indeed, with their help, resellers often buy sneakers at the official price, and then sell them several times more expensive.

When you run bots without a proxy, sites will quickly track it and block your IP address. In this case, you risk losing your bot or the main IP for a particular site. Therefore, the best solution for working with Sneaker Bots is to install a good-quality proxy server. Using it you will be able to:

  • Change the bot's IP address. A proxy will allow you to create more than 20 accounts with different IP addresses, the more addresses - the less likely it is to get into a block in an online store.
  • Become completely anonymous. A proxy will provide you with privacy, as no one will see your personal IP address and main location.
  • Fake the behavior of a regular user. With a proxy, the actions of the bot will look like the behavior of an ordinary person who went to the site to buy. So, the risk of getting into the block is significantly reduced.

What type of proxy is best for Sneaker Bots

For Sneaker Bots you can use Residential, Mobile, and Data Center proxies. Let's see what are their differences and which one is better to choose.

  • Residential proxies are the real IP addresses of other people who use the network. You can literally replace your IP with another device's address. They are reliable, but not the fastest.
  • Data center proxies use database center servers. The center rents a large number of IP addresses and then sells them to users. They are less reliable than residential ones but much faster and cheaper, but they might not work for a particular website.
  • Mobile proxies have access to all IP addresses that are connected to the mobile operator. The site sees such a proxy as an ordinary person who uses the Internet. They combine the speed of a data center and the reliability of residential proxies, and therefore, will be the best option for Sneaker Bots.

The main thing is that you should not rely on free proxy servers that are publicly available. Choose good personal proxies - and then you are more likely to succeed in sneaker hunting!