How to bypass the block, unblock, and enter Bet365

If the Bet365 website is not opening for you, you are most likely in one of the prohibited countries for this company. There are several ways to gain access to Bet365: mirrors, VPN, anonymizer... But the most reliable of them is a proxy server. Why? Let's figure it out.

How to bypass Bet365 blocking using a proxy

Many users are unable to access Bet365 due to the main IP address. Based on it, the system tracks in which country the visitor is located and closes access. To bypass the blocking, you need to change this IP address setting the proxy server. This will hide your personal address and location, making you appear to be in another country, such as England itself. This will allow you to bypass the block on Bet365.

Another advantage of a proxy is that it is possible to create multiple accounts from different IP addresses. You can purchase a large number of proxies and place sure or matched bets from each of them. This will greatly increase your chances of winning successfully.

What proxies to use for Bet365

On the Internet in the public domain, you can find as many free proxies as you want. But for Bet365 it is still better not to save money, but to find good personal proxy servers. After all, when betting on Bet365, you enter your bank card details and other important information. Free proxies are not reliable and cannot guarantee privacy, while personal proxies are fast and high-quality, which means that no one can see or leak your data.

How to set up a proxy for Bet365

You can set a proxy through Proxifier or through Windows settings. We will show you the second, the easier option. But keep in mind that after this setting, the proxy will work for all software in all browsers and on all sites.

  1. Click on the Windows icon and go to "Settings".


  2. Select the “Network & Internet” item and then the “Proxy” section.


  3. Next to "Use a proxy server" click on the "Set up" button.


  4. Move the slider to the "On" position to enable the proxy setting.


  5. In the fields below, enter the IP address and port of your proxy server.


  6. In this field, you can insert links to exclusion sites for which the proxy will not work.


  7. Click “Save”. After settings are saved, the browser window will pop up asking you to enter the password and username from the proxy. Enter data and save.