How proxies help with Coinlist Token Sale

Coinlist is an exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Investors massively buy tokens cheaper at the stage of their “birth”, and then sell them at a higher price. This process is called a token sale - the sale of crypto to early buyers directly from the company that creates its project. These are the most profitable offers, although sometimes risky.

What gives a multi-account for Coinlist

Due to the growing popularity of the exchange, the owners have introduced restrictions on the purchase of tokens from one account. They also came up with a kind of “Russian roulette”: if there are too many buyers for one token, the choice of the investor is determined randomly.

It was the multi-account that gained great popularity. People create several accounts on Coinlist and buy as many tokens as possible from each account at a low price, to increase their profits several times over.

Why you should use a proxy for Coinlist

Multi-account is a convenient way, but not safe. The platform system can detect such “schemes” ​​and block all accounts. This happens if you maintain multiple accounts from the same IP address or show suspicious activity on the exchange. The best solution in this situation would be a proxy server. Using proxies, you can avoid blocking and bypass any restrictions.

If you use one proxy for one account, the platform's security system will not understand that one person controls several accounts. Each account will be tied to its IP address as if different people from different parts of the world are sitting behind them. That is, you can:

  • Create as many accounts as you want;
  • Hide your data;
  • Use bots or additional services for cryptocurrency;
  • Protect accounts from blocking and restrictions.


Using a multi-account on the Coinlist exchange is profitable and convenient. But it is important to know how to do it correctly to avoid a block. Use high-quality personal proxies for each account. You should not rely on free proxy servers, as they are unreliable, and often accounts get blocked because of it.