Step-by-step proxy settings tutorial in Epicbot for OSRS

Epicbot is one of the most popular and effective bots for Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It helps many players to complete repetitive tasks, get more bonuses and reach new levels faster.

Although the bot developers are convinced that Epicbot will not harm your account in any way, it is still better to install additional protection in the form of a proxy server. Old School RuneScape's moderation system can ban an account if it notices suspicious activity in the game. The proxy will hide your IP address and “mask” the bot: it will look like all the actions are performed by an ordinary person. Also, with a proxy, you will remain absolutely anonymous in the game, and protect yourself from hacks and any restrictions.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Epicbot

How to set up a proxy for EpicBot

You can set up a proxy in the bot software. For this, you do not need to install additional programs, so installing a proxy server will not take much time.

  1. Open the bot and log into your account.
  2. On the sidebar, click the network icon.


  3. In the opened window, click on the "Add" button.


  4. Enter your proxy server details in the required fields: IP address, port, username, and password (if you are using a private proxy).


  5. Click on the "Add Proxy" button.


  6. Close the window and return to the main page.
  7. Click on the plus icon.


  8. Select the proxy you just added and click "Add Bot". Done - you have set up a proxy for EpicBot.



You have set up a proxy in EpicBot! To be sure that your account in the game is safe, we recommend using private IPv4 proxies (HTTPS or Socks5). They are reliable and of high quality, which means that you will not be blocked in OSRS. While free proxies that are in the public domain, on the contrary, will lead to a ban. This is because more users are connected to it at the same time - so you risk losing not only your account but also your personal data.