Step-by-step proxy settings in Runemate for OSRS

Many Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players use special bots to get additional bonuses and complete difficult quests. Such bots give a certain advantage, which means they help to take the lead in the game.

One of the most popular bots is Runemate. With it, you can open a large number of treasures and simply save a lot of time and effort grinding in the game. But RuneMate does not guarantee complete security. The use of bots is considered cheating, and to prevent your account from being blocked, we recommend using a proxy.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Runemate bot for OSRS

Why a proxy is needed for Runemate

The actions of players in OSRS are constantly monitored by a moderation system that can detect a bot (even such bot as RuneMate) and block your account. That is why you should use a proxy server with the bot.

A proxy will hide your IP address and location as well as protect your account from blocking. Bot actions with a proxy server will look organic as if all tasks are performed by a real person, not a program.

How to set up a proxy in Runemate

The new version of the bot does not have a built-in proxy setting function, so you can install it in two ways: through Proxifier and through Windows settings.

Proxy settings through Proxifier

  1. Download and run the program.
  2. Open the "Profile" tab and then select the "Proxy Servers" category.


  3. In the opened window, click on the "Add" button.


  4. Enter the IP address of your proxy in the "Address" line and port in the "Port" line, and select a proxy protocol.


  5. Check the box next to "Enable" and enter the password and username of your proxy server.


  6. Click the “OK” button.


  7. When you close the settings, a window will appear in which you should click "Yes".


  8. Now select the "Profile" tab and then "Proxification Rules".


  9. In the opened window, click on the "Add" button.


  10. Enter whatever name you want for the rule in the "Name" field.


  11. Click on the "Browse" button and select the path to the Runemate bot.


  12. At the bottom, next to the inscription "Action", select the desired proxy (which we have already configured according to the instructions above). Click “OK” and the proxy will only work for Runemate.


Proxy settings through Windows

After this setting, the proxy will be used for all other programs and browsers.

  1. Click on the Windows icon and go to "Settings" - "Network & Internet" - "Proxy".


  2. Next to "Use a proxy server" click on the "Set up" button.


  3. In the opened window, move the slider to the "On" position to enable the proxy setting.


  4. In the fields below, enter the IP address and port of your proxy server.


  5. Click “Save”.


  6. If you are using a private proxy server, after setting it up, the browser window will pop up where you will be prompted to enter the password and username. Enter data and save.