Top 7 Best anti-detect browsers in 2022

What is an Anti-detect browser

Anti-detect browsers work like Chrome or Opera but have a high level of privacy. They will provide you with anonymity on the Internet and hide your IP address and location, helping you bypass local or regional blocking. Also, with anti-detect browsers, you can work with several accounts at once without the risk of being blocked.

Top Anti-Detect Browsers 2022

  1. GoLogin

    GoLogin is a great browser for managing a multi-account. You can create and manage an unlimited number of accounts on social networks or websites. Each profile is saved to a separate cloud, which means you will never lose your data and settings.


  2. Dolphin{anty}

    Dolphin{anty} is a modern anti-detect browser suitable for any task, be it affiliate marketing, the crypto industry, or web security. With this browser, your multi-accounting will become efficient, fast, convenient, and most importantly, safe. Dolphin{anty} has a lot of built-in tools, from a proxy manager to its own automation builder.

    Available for all popular operating systems. There is a free plan for 10 browser profiles.


  3. AdsPower

    AdsPower is a Chinese anti-detect browser. Suitable for advertising optimization, SEO promotion, or promoting a large number of profiles. It also offers a lot of functionality of extensions and applications that will help with networking.


  4. Incogniton

    Incogniton is great for managing multiple accounts at once. The browser replaces digital fingerprints and provides complete anonymity. All data from accounts is stored in the cloud and is securely protected.


  5. MultiLogin

    Multilogin is another browser that is great for managing a large number of accounts. It protects against blocking and ensures online privacy. In Multilogin you can check your activity for the last days/week.


  6. Che Browser

    Che Browser is a browser that you can install on your device. It replaces browser fingerprints and your PC data. This is a great option for scraping, promoting a large number of social media accounts, or doing business online.


  7. Kameleo

    Kameleo has wide functionality and supports many search engines. This browser guarantees you security and complete anonymity on the Internet. In the latest update, Kameleo has added an HTTP proxy configuration feature.


What proxies are better to use for Anti detect browsers

Sometimes you need to use a proxy to work with Anti detect browsers: to change IP addresses or bypass some restrictions. Choose high-quality private proxies to protect your data and device as much as possible.