Top 10 anti-detect browsers for operating with proxies

Anti-detect browsers are specialized software designed to ensure complete anonymity online. They enable users to change key identifiers such as IP addresses and digital fingerprints, allowing for the creation of numerous unlinked accounts across various platforms. To effectively manage multiple accounts, particularly in fields like affiliate marketing, advertising, e-commerce, and SMM, users should utilize proxies within these browsers.

The market offers a wide array of anti-detection browsers, many of which are built on open-source platforms like Chromium or Firefox. These browsers come equipped with a range of features tailored to simplify tasks in the aforementioned areas. In the following section, we will explore the top 10 modern anti-detection browsers that are optimal for working with proxies.

Dolphin Anty


Dolphin Anty is an anti-detect browser specifically designed for team-based task implementation. Its features enable role distribution among team members and the sharing of profiles, notes, proxy settings, and other data.

Key features of Dolphin Anty include:

  • Access to a collection of digital fingerprints from real users, available for use in profile setups at no additional cost;
  • Capability to integrate the browser with automation tools, such as services designed for managing Facebook activities;
  • Offers a free version that includes basic functionalities like setting up fingerprints and proxies for created profiles;
  • Includes scripts for creating scenarios that mimic the actions of a real user on websites, which is valuable for automating routine online tasks.

Next, we will explore the different tariff plans available for Dolphin Anty and the features each plan offers.

Tariff Free Base Team Enterprise
Price $0 $89 $159 $299
Number of profiles Up to 10 Up to 100 Up to 300 Up to 1000, with the option to select the desired amount
Ability to add users to the team No Yes Yes Yes
Ability to purchase additional profiles Yes No No Yes
Scripts No Yes Yes Yes
Proxy configuration No Yes Yes Yes

The browser offers user-friendly features for managing proxy servers. Proxies can be added during profile creation, linking a specific IP address to an individual account:


Moreover, the browser includes a dedicated “Proxies” section where users can manage a list of proxies. Within this section, IP addresses can be associated with new profiles, edited, deleted, or transferred to other team members.



Dolphin Anty supports both private and public IP addresses. Additionally, users have the option to integrate static proxy servers as well as dynamic mobile proxies by using a special link for rotating mobile IP addresses.

Advantages of Dolphin Anty:

  • Availability of a free version;
  • Reliable digital fingerprints;
  • Ability to tag profiles and add notes;
  • Options for bulk and individual addition of proxies;
  • Automation tools including scripts and API integration;
  • Option to purchase additional browser profiles even on the free plan.

Disadvantages of Dolphin Anty:

  • Lacks one-time profiles that delete automatically after the browser is closed;
  • Does not have a quick profile creation feature;
  • No function for mobile profile emulation.

Consequently, Dolphin Anty is primarily suited for individuals seeking a free browser with essential functionalities for creating profiles with unique digital fingerprints. It is also ideal for those requiring a robust tool for team collaboration, allowing for the transfer of profiles among team members and assigning distinct roles to each member.



In the Indigo antidetect browser, users can operate with two distinct browser types: Mimic, which is based on Chrome, and Stealthfox, developed on the Firefox engine. This dual-browser capability is a standout feature of Indigo. Additionally, the browser supports automation through Selenium and Puppeteer, making it suitable for handling large-scale tasks.

Another significant feature of the browser is the active session indicator, which is particularly useful for team collaboration. This indicator helps prevent the same profile from being opened on multiple devices simultaneously, thereby safeguarding against the detection of suspicious activities by web resource security systems.

Indigo offers four tariff plans, each with varying capabilities, but all include the following features:

  • Ability to work with the same profiles from an unlimited number of computers;
  • All data is saved in cloud storage, secured with reliable encryption to prevent information leaks;
  • Capability to set up a fingerprint using either custom parameters or Indigo's database of digital fingerprints;
  • Regular updates to the digital fingerprint database, with the browser adding new options every minute, including fingerprints for mobile devices.

While Indigo does not offer a free version, users can explore its features through a 7-day trial period. This trial can be activated in the user's personal account after registering on the site or by contacting Indigo's support team. Below, we will examine the tariffs in the table provided.

Tariff Solo Team Scale Custom
Price €99 €199 €399 Depends on settings
Max profiles 100 300 1000 Customizable
Max workspaces 1 3 7 Customizable
Session block indicator No Yes Yes Yes
API access No No Yes Yes
Proxy configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes

Indigo supports both public and private proxies. The IP address is configured during the creation of a browser profile along with the fingerprint setup. To modify the configuration, users need to access their profile settings and update the data.


Advantages of Indigo:

  • Extensive and frequently updated database of fingerprints;
  • Choice of two built-in browsers;
  • Cloud storage of all profile data;
  • Offers a large number of profiles even on the minimum tariff—100 profiles;
  • API for automating actions.

Disadvantages of Indigo:

  • Only free for 7 days;
  • Lacks a feature for bulk downloading proxies;
  • High cost for the minimum tariff.

Indigo is particularly suited for users who require a substantial number of browser profiles and a comprehensive fingerprint database for executing their tasks. It is also popular among teams managing numerous profiles, as it provides features that help bypass anti-fraud systems on websites and ensures the secure operation of browser profiles.



Gologin operates using the Orbita browser, which is built on the Chromium platform, offering users a familiar and user-friendly interface for navigating the internet. A distinctive feature of this browser is its capability to access the Tor network.

Key features of Gologin include:

  • Availability of a mobile application, enabling the creation and management of profiles remotely, without the need for a PC;
  • Ability to create profiles in the cloud through the web version of the browser, with all data synchronized across different devices;
  • Four levels of access are designed to facilitate effective teamwork and task distribution among team members;
  • Comprehensive fingerprint settings that allow users to precisely configure each profile, including plugins, HTTP headers, and device characteristics.

Gologin offers a free plan, and for those interested in exploring more advanced features, there is a 7-day trial period available for each of the paid plans.

Tariff Free Professional Business Enterprise Custom
Price $0 $49 $99 $199 $299
Max profiles Up to 3 Up to 100 Up to 300 Up to 1000 Up to 2000, and option to purchase up to 10000
Cloud profiles 0 1 Up to 2 Up to 3 Up to 500
Profile sharing No No Yes Yes Yes
Workspaces 0 0 Up to 10 Up to 20 Up to 100
Proxy configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Gologin features a dedicated proxy management window that is accessible during the creation or editing of profiles. Users can configure a proxy with authentication and also incorporate a link for automatic IP rotation when using mobile proxies.


Advantages of Gologin:

  • The cloud-based web version allows profile creation without needing a desktop application;
  • Availability of a mobile application;
  • Offers a free plan and a 7-day trial for each paid plan;
  • API connectivity and the ability to integrate GoLogin with other software across all tariff plans;
  • Quick profile creation.

Disadvantages of Gologin:

  • No functionality for bulk downloading proxies;
  • Limits on the number of times a user can share profiles with other team members.

Gologin is an excellent choice for those requiring remote access to work profiles via mobile devices. It offers robust functionality for team collaboration and extensive profile management options, making it well-suited for team-oriented projects.



The Incogniton anti-detect browser is designed for both individual and team use, offering unique functionalities for each user profile:

  • Mass creation tool that allows for the simultaneous setup of numerous profiles;
  • Access to a database of real digital fingerprints, enabling automatic fingerprint generation;
  • Human-like text input emulation for forms on websites, which helps reduce CAPTCHA prompts;
  • Integration capabilities with Selenium or Puppeteer for automated browser operations, enhancing efficiency;
  • A “Synchronizer” feature that replicates actions across multiple browser profiles simultaneously.

Incogniton offers four different plan options tailored to varying user needs. There is also a free version available, ideal for users who need to manage a limited number of profiles or want to trial the anti-detect browser's capabilities. Below, we will examine the browser tariffs in detail.

Tariff Starter Entrepreneur Professional Multinational
Price Free $29.99 $79.99 $149.99
Max browser profiles Up to 10 Up to 50 Up to 150 Up to 500
Workspaces 1 1 3 10
“Synchronizer” feature No Yes Yes Yes
Selenium/Puppeteer integration No Yes Yes Yes
Proxy configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes

The browser provides comprehensive tools for adding, configuring, and managing proxy servers. Proxies can be added directly into a profile during creation or setup or managed via the proxy server manager. It supports both private and public proxy servers, compatible with HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols.

When setting up a profile, proxies are incorporated through a designated menu, which allows for the use of both static and dynamic IP addresses. There's also a field for inputting a URL to facilitate IP address rotation when employing mobile proxies.


Furthermore, the proxy manager enhances functionality with features including:

  • Bulk addition of proxies through various methods such as manual entry, CSV, or Excel file;
  • Saving proxies for easy storage and subsequent integration into browser profiles;
  • Categorizing proxies into groups using tags for systematic organization of large datasets.

Within the proxy manager interface, users can search for proxies by tags, and groups, or directly manage them—allowing for actions such as deletion, testing, and more.


Advantages of Incogniton:

  • Bulk profile creation tool allows for efficient management of multiple browser profiles;
  • Convenient proxy manager supports the loading and storage of IP addresses;
  • Offers a free version for basic usage;
  • “Synchronizer” feature enables simultaneous actions across different profiles;
  • Supports integration with Selenium and Puppeteer for advanced automation.

Disadvantages of Incogniton:

  • Lacks a custom tariff plan that allows for individual settings;
  • Supports a maximum of 10 workspaces, which may be limiting for larger teams;
  • Allows for a maximum of 500 profiles, which may not suffice for extensive operations.

Overall, Incogniton stands out as an ideal choice for users seeking a comprehensive tool for proxy setup and management. This is particularly beneficial for activities like bonus hunting on bookmaker sites, where creating and managing multiple undetected profiles is crucial. With its ability to create and finely tune up to 10 browser profiles, Incogniton helps prevent profile association and potential blocking.



AdsPower is a well-known anti-detect browser noted for its robust encryption algorithms that guarantee the secure storage of profile data. Here are some standout features:

  • Offers options between browsers based on the Chromium and Firefox engines;
  • Facilitates simultaneous management of multiple browser windows;
  • RPA Robot: automates tasks using ready-made templates from the AdsPower store or user-created ones;
  • Supports automation with frameworks like Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright;
  • Allows for bulk creation and easy management of profiles, including a feature to recover deleted profiles from the recycle bin.

The browser provides a database of real fingerprints, featuring commonly encountered parameters to create a reliable digital fingerprint that remains undetected by security systems of web resources.

AdsPower offers two tariff plans, including a free option with no usage time restrictions. Below is a comparison of these tariffs.

Tariff Free Custom
Price $0 From $5.4 per month
Browser profiles Up to 5 From 10 + 5 profiles free
Ability to restore deleted profiles No Yes
Workspaces 0 Unlimited
Synchronizer Yes Yes
RPA robot Yes Yes
Local API No Yes
Proxy configuration Yes Yes

When setting up proxies, users can configure them while simultaneously setting up their profile in a designated tab. For mobile proxies, there is an option to enter a rotating link, which simplifies the management of proxy servers. A notable feature of this browser setup is the ability to select a checker that verifies the functionality of the proxies:


There is a specific “Proxy” tab where users can pre-load a list of proxies into the browser. These IP addresses can then be used when configuring a profile. Within this tab, users can also add links for IP rotation, make notes, check the proxy list for duplicates, and identify non-working IP addresses using the chosen IP checker.


Advantages of AdsPower:

  • Free version available;
  • Custom tariff with an unlimited number of users;
  • Features a function to restore accidentally deleted profiles;
  • Includes process automation using RPA, even in the free plan;
  • Offers local API support in the custom plan;
  • Provides a convenient proxy manager.

Disadvantages of AdsPower:

  • Captcha often appears when logging into the anti-detect browser account;
  • Manual updates are required for built-in browser kernels;
  • Higher prices for large company tariffs compared to other anti-detect browsers with the same number of profiles and users.

AdsPower is recommended for those seeking a free multi-account tool. AdsPower allows you to operate 5 browser profiles for free, with the ability to set up a unique fingerprint, a proxy server, and use automation tools. The paid plan is fully customizable, enabling users to pay only for the number of profiles and jobs they need, with the option to scale the workspace as required.



MultiLogin is an anti-detect browser featuring two built-in browsers for operation: Mimic, which is based on Chromium, and Stealthfox, based on Firefox. This allows users to choose the interface that best suits their needs. Additionally, MultiLogin offers several notable features:

  • The presence of one-time profiles, which are quickly created and deleted after the browser is closed;
  • A session blocking function that proves particularly useful during team collaboration, preventing the same profile from being opened on different devices simultaneously;
  • Cloud data synchronization, ensuring all user progress is saved and accessible from any device;
  • The option to run profiles in both local and cloud modes;
  • The ability to create profiles with a mobile fingerprint and use the Mimic mobile browser.

MultiLogin offers four different plans but does not provide free use or a trial period.

Tariff Solo Team Scale Custom
Price €99 €199 €399 Depends on configuration
Number of profiles available 100 300 1000 1000+
Creation of local and cloud profiles Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of team members 0 3 7 7+
Full API access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proxy configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes

The proxy is set up during the creation or editing of a browser profile. Both private and public proxies, supporting HTTP and Socks protocols, are supported. Users have the option to use either static or dynamic IP addresses.


Advantages of MultiLogin:

  • Provides a mobile browser version;
  • One-time profiles that are deleted once the browser is closed;
  • Full API access is available starting with the lowest plan;
  • Cloud storage for profile data;
  • Offers a substantial number of profiles, starting from 100 in the most basic plan;
  • 24/7 online support.

Disadvantages of MultiLogin:

  • Lacks a free version or trial period;
  • Does not feature a dedicated proxy manager; proxies can only be added during profile setup.

MultiLogin is ideal for users who require a significant number of profiles even at the lowest subscription level. It also offers unlimited one-time profiles that can be quickly created across all plans, distinguishing it from other options.

Octo Browser


The Octo Browser anti-detect browser offers robust functionalities for efficient and swift profile management. Key features include the ability to run an unlimited number of profiles on a single device and the quick creation of profiles using predefined templates. Additionally, it allows for easy organization and grouping of profiles into categories using tags, enhancing systematization and access. Additional features of the browser include:

  • The ability to configure over 50 digital fingerprint parameters and access a database of reliable fingerprints, ensuring that profiles pass verification checks on services like pixelscan, BrowserLeaks, whoer, and ip-api;
  • Quick and efficient data sharing among team members, along with the distribution of access levels and password protection of profile data to prevent unauthorized access;
  • Recording and saving the activity history of each team member;
  • Comprehensive support for automation through APIs, compatibility with libraries like Puppeteer, Selenium, and CDP, and the flexibility to operate in combined mode.

To purchase the browser, users can choose from five different tariff plans, each offering varying levels of functionality, including a custom tariff that can be tailored to individual needs. Note that there is no option to use the browser for free indefinitely or on a trial basis.

Tariff Starter Base Team Advanced Custom
Price €29 €79 €169 €329 €429+
Number of available profiles 10 100 350 1200 Unlimited
Number of available tags for distributing profiles across folders 3 10 30 100 Unlimited
Number of team members 0 0 3 8 As requested
API No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of profile templates 0 2 5 10 Unlimited
Proxy configuration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

In this anti-detection browser, you can configure a proxy in several ways, supporting both static and dynamic mobile proxies. One method involves using the “Proxy” tab, where you can add IP addresses either individually or in bulk.



The second method to configure a proxy is during profile creation. You can add a specific proxy from a preloaded list or a new IP by entering its details in the designated fields. There's also an option to insert a link for IP rotation, which comes in handy when utilizing mobile proxies. Octo Browser includes an integrated IP checker for convenience.



It's worth mentioning that when creating a quick profile, it immediately appears in the profile list. To set a proxy for this new profile, you need to enter the profile editing mode.


Advantages of Octo Browser:

  • Rapid profile creation;
  • Customizable tariff for personalized browser settings;
  • Teamwork functionalities including profile transfer, access control, protection against unauthorized profile access, and action history tracking;
  • API support for automation;
  • Two tariffs for individual use and three for team use;
  • Efficient proxy manager.

Disadvantages of Octo Browser:

  • No free version or trial period is available;
  • Automation features require programming skills.

Octo Browser serves as a versatile tool suitable for both individual users and teams. The browser offers an organized system for managing profiles, including tagging for efficient distribution, ensuring an orderly workspace.



The Kameleo anti-detect browser distinguishes itself by not limiting the number of browser profiles a user can create. Additional features include:

  • A mobile version of the browser that allows for the creation and management of mobile profiles on Android and iOS devices;
  • The capability to emulate mobile profiles directly from a PC;
  • Kameleo Local API, which enables the automatic launching of numerous browser profiles simultaneously;
  • Compatibility with automation platforms such as Selenium, Puppeteer, or Playwright for profile management.

Kameleo is a subscription-based service offered in three different plans. The cost of each plan varies depending on the number of team members included. Below is the table showing the minimum cost for a single user on each plan.

Tariff Basic Advanced Automation
Price €59 €89 €199
Number of workplaces Custom Custom Custom
Unlimited profile creation Yes Yes Yes
Launch profiles on mobile devices No Yes Yes
API access No No Yes
Proxy configuration Yes Yes Yes

To set up a proxy in Kameleo, navigate to the “Connection” section while creating your browser profile. Kameleo also includes built-in tools that allow you to verify an IP address before use, checking its trustworthiness, anonymity level, time zone, and geolocation accuracy. This ensures your browsing remains secure and private.



Advantages of Kameleo:

  • Unlimited profile creation;
  • Configurable number of workplaces at any tariff;
  • Mobile application and the ability to emulate a mobile profile from a PC;
  • Kameleo Local API for process automation;
  • Built-in tools for checking IP addresses.

Disadvantages of Kameleo:

  • Profiles are not saved in the cloud; to access them from another device, you need to save the configuration file and transfer it to another PC;
  • There is no proxy manager that allows you to import a proxy list;
  • There is no free plan or trial period.

Kameleo is suitable for users who are looking for a tool for unlimited creation of browser profiles with the ability to automate workflows. It is the only browser that offers an unlimited number of profiles, making it the best choice for large-scale tasks such as large advertising campaigns.

Linken Sphere


Linken Sphere features a unique interface that sets it apart from other browsers, tailored to its specific functions. In this browser, what is commonly known as browser profiles are referred to as “sessions”. It allows an unlimited number of team members to collaborate in a single workspace and offers a variety of functionalities:

  • Desktops: separate, isolated spaces where each team member can create work sessions;
  • Tags: useful for organizing sessions within one desktop;
  • Session creation: the capability to create sessions quickly and in bulk;
  • Session lock: prevents multiple users from launching the same session simultaneously;
  • Automation tools: supports automation of browser actions using popular tools like Puppeteer, Selenium, and Postman.

The browser is offered in four plans, all of which include the same features. The plans differ only in the number of sessions a user can launch, which also determines the pricing of each tariff.

Tariff Pure Light Pro Premium
Price $30 $90 $160 From $300
Number of sessions 10 100 300 Up to 5000
Number of workplaces Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Mobile profile emulation Yes Yes Yes Yes
API for automation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proxy settings capability Yes Yes Yes Yes

Adding a proxy is managed through the “Proxy Manager” tab, where all IP addresses are stored and can be accessed for use during the creation and modification of sessions.


Proxies can be added individually or in bulk. For bulk imports, IP addresses can be uploaded using a data file or copied directly from the clipboard.


When adding a proxy individually, you'll be prompted to enter the proxy server details into a provided field. Once added, these proxies can be modified or deleted via the control line. Additionally, you can select multiple IP addresses from your list to perform group actions, such as verifying the proxies and removing any that are inactive.


Advantages of Linken Sphere:

  • Unlimited number of workplaces in all tariffs;
  • Functionality for mass creation and launch of profiles;
  • API for automation included in all tariffs;
  • Ability to emulate mobile profiles;
  • Multifunctional proxy manager.

Disadvantages of Linken Sphere:

  • No tariff plans with customizable individual settings;
  • Lacks a free plan or trial version;
  • The interface is non-standard and may be challenging for beginners.

Linken Sphere is an excellent choice if you require multiple workstations, as even the basic plan includes unlimited team members. The system organizes sessions on separate desktops, preventing confusion in active processes, and its efficient tools for downloading proxies allow for quick changes to profile IP addresses.



The Tor browser operates differently from other anti-detect browsers we've looked at. Built on Firefox, it enhances user privacy by routing traffic through nodes in the Tor network. This setup maintains user anonymity on the internet—no one can track which sites you visit, and the sites can't pinpoint your actual geolocation.

Tor Browser goes beyond masking your IP address. It also conceals your device preferences and other data that form your digital fingerprint. Additionally, the browser offers several protective features:

  • It blocks JavaScript, commonly used to create digital fingerprints;
  • It restricts or disables various browser plugins, including WebRTC, which could otherwise reveal your real IP address;
  • It automatically deletes cookies after each session, aiding in anti-tracking efforts.

There's also a “New Identity” feature, which, when activated, closes all open browser tabs, erases cookies, and clears your browsing history. This ensures that each new session is not linked to any past activity, reinforcing your privacy.


The Tor browser is available at no cost. To set up a proxy in Tor, simply access the connection settings.


Advantages of Tor:

  • Completely free to use;
  • No need for manual profile configuration;
  • Ensures complete anonymity online;
  • Features a familiar, intuitive interface.

Disadvantages of Tor:

  • Lacks the typical functionalities of an anti-detection browser due to its unique operating principle.

Tor is ideal for those seeking total anonymity and security while browsing the internet. It is designed to prevent tracking and protect data from potential cyber threats.

Recommendations for choosing an anti-detect browser

Taking into account the functionality, as well as the highlighted pros and cons, we can categorize the reviewed browsers as follows:

  • The best free browsers with functions for changing your digital fingerprint: Dolphin Anty, Incogniton, AdsPower, Tor;
  • Anti-detect browsers with the most complete team management functionality and a large number of profiles: Octo Browser, Dolphin Anty, Gologin, MultiLogin;
  • The best browsers with powerful automation tools: AdsPower, Kameleo, Linken Sphere;
  • Browsers with the largest number of browser profiles: MultiLogin and Indigo - 100 profiles in the minimum paid plan, Kameleo - unlimited creation;
  • Tools with a powerful proxy manager: Dolphin Anty, Incogniton, AdsPower, Linken Sphere.

All 10 anti-detection browsers reviewed are among the TOP best on the market, but users must focus on their purposes of use in order to choose the best option among them.