Step-by-step proxy settings guide in Octo Browser

Octo Browser is a convenient multifunctional browser with a high level of anonymity. With it, you can create and manage many accounts at once in social networks, exchanges, and other web resources. Octo Browser is suitable for scraping - multi-threaded data collection and analysis.

Why you need a proxy for Octo Browser

Proxy servers will provide additional anonymity working with the browser. It is very important to have a package of high-quality proxies when working with a large number of accounts because if you access profiles from one IP address, you will be easily blocked. But if you assign 1 proxy per 1 account, each of them will have its IP address, and this will help you avoid blocking.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Octo Browser

How to set up a proxy in Octo Browser

The browser supports the main types of proxies: http, https, socks5, and ssh. We will show you two ways to set it up: when creating a new account and through the Proxy Manager.

  1. Open the browser and log in to your profile.
  2. At the top, go to the "Proxies" section.
  3. 2.png

  4. Click on the "Add Proxy" button.
  5. 3.png

  6. Select the type of your proxy server.
  7. 4.png

  8. Enter the IP address, Port, Username, and Password of the proxy.
  9. 5.png

  10. To check if the server is working, click on "Check Proxy".
  11. 6.png

  12. If the proxy passed the verification successfully, save and exit the proxy manager.

Now let's look at how to add a proxy server for a specific account:

  1. Go to the "Profiles" section.
  2. 1.2.png

  3. Click on the "Create Profile" button.
  4. 2.2.png

  5. In the opened window, go to the "Connection" tab.
  6. 3.2.png

  7. Select a method of a proxy adding: from the proxy manager (from the ones you added above) or add a new server. To select an already set proxy, click on "Select from list" and select a server.
  8. 4.2.png

  9. To add a new proxy, click on "New".
  10. 5.2.png

  11. Select the type of your proxy server.
  12. 6.2.png

  13. Enter the IP address, Port, Username, and Password of the proxy.
  14. 7:2.png

  15. Enter any name of your proxy.
  16. 8.2.png

  17. To check the server's performance, click on the "Check Proxy" button.
  18. 9:2.png

  19. This completes the proxy setup. Enter other details to create an account and click "Create Profile".
  20. 10:2.png

You have configured a proxy for Octo Browser! When choosing servers, we recommend giving preference to private proxies that will belong only to you and will reliably protect your accounts. With free proxy servers, the risk of being blocked will only increase, and other connection problems may arise. Remember that online security is the key to the successful promotion of your business.