Step-by-step proxy settings guide for Multilogin browser

Multilogin is one of the top anti-detect browsers. It provides anonymity on the network and helps to work with a large number of accounts at once without the risk of being blocked. But for high-quality protection of your accounts, you should use a proxy. With a proxy server you will be able to:

  • Change IP addresses and locations.
  • Securely manage all accounts, because if each of them has its own IP address, you will not be blocked.
  • Bypass local and regional restrictions.

For Multilogin, proxies like HTTP, Socks5, or Socks4 are suitable. Therefore, if you already have reliable personal proxies, let's start setting them up.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Multilogin

How to set up a proxy in Multilogin

We will tell you how to set up a proxy in a new account and how to add it to an existing account.

How to set up a proxy in a new account:

  1. Open a browser.
  2. Go to the "New browser profile" section.
  3. 2:1.png

  4. Select the "Proxy" section.
  5. 3:1.png

  6. Click the "Without Proxy" button and select your proxy server type.
  7. 4:1.png

  8. Enter proxy data: 1) proxy type; 2) IP address and Port; 3) Username and Password.
  9. 5:1.png

  10. Click "Check proxy" to check if it works. If everything is good, go to other profile settings.

How to set up or change a proxy in an existing account:

  1. Select the desired account, click on the three dots next to it and go to "Edit".
  2. 1:2.png


  3. Click the "Edit proxy settings" button.
  4. 2:2.png

  5. Enter your proxy data here: 1) proxy type; 2) IP address and Port; 3) Username and Password.
  6. 3:2.png

  7. Click the "Check proxy" button. If the proxy server works properly, you will see a green inscription.
  8. 4:2.png

  9. Click the "Update profile" button to save the settings. Done!
  10. 5:2.png

How to know if IP has changed in Multilogin

You can check whether you have configured the proxy correctly right on the main page of the browser. Go to the multilogin website and you will see your profile IP address. If it matches the proxy server address, then the proxy is enabled.