Setting up a proxy in the Simple Proxy extension

Using a browser through a proxy can be simplified significantly by installing a dedicated extension. Proxy browser extensions are particularly useful for circumventing geographic restrictions or censorship, enabling access to content that may be region-specific.

The Simple Proxy extension is an efficient, browser-integrated tool that facilitates anonymous web surfing and can even enhance connection performance. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. Key advantages of the Simple Proxy Switcher include:

  • Free of charge;
  • Easy installation and user-friendly setup, requiring no specialized knowledge.

However, it's important to note that this extension operates solely over HTTP/S protocols and does not support SOCKS proxies.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Simple Proxy

How to set up a proxy in Simple Proxy

Here's a guide on configuring the Simple Proxy extension in Google Chrome.

  1. Once the extension is installed, access its settings by clicking on its icon and selecting Simple Proxy to configure your proxy.image019.png
  2. Within the extension, there are three main tabs:
    • Proxy List - displays your added IP connections (initially empty).
    • Import Proxy - a field to enter technical data for adding a new proxy. The format for entry is provided in the example.
    • Settings - optional settings for clearing logs and cookies, reloading tabs, etc.


  3. To use a different IP for data encryption, bypassing blocks, or other reasons, enter the necessary details in the “Import Proxy” field. A connection using “ip:port” is mandatory; “login:password” is required only if the proxy server requires authentication.
  4. image024.png

  5. Remember to click “Save” after entering the information.
  6. image026.png

  7. The new connection will then be listed as available. Double-click it to activate.
  8. image028.png

If web pages fail to load, verify the accuracy of the technical parameters or try reconnecting with a different “ip:port”.

This extension can be similarly configured in other browsers such as Firefox and Opera, which have their own official stores for downloading extensions.