Setting up a proxy in the MoreLogin antidetect browser

MoreLogin is a versatile browser designed for managing multiple accounts, compatible with both Windows and MacOS. It enables users to create various profiles for browsing, where each profile simulates a new physical device. This feature significantly reduces the risk of account blocking.

As an anti-detection browser, MoreLogin excels in bypassing restrictions, such as IP bans, granting unrestricted access to desired web resources. Properly configuring an HTTP or Socks5 proxy in MoreLogin enhances your online anonymity. The proxy works by redirecting your internet traffic through remote servers, concealing your real IP address, and preventing tracking of your online activities.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in MoreLogin

How to set up a proxy in MoreLogin

To fully utilize the capabilities of MoreLogin, an anti-detection browser designed for managing multiple accounts, it's essential to configure the proxy settings correctly. Here’s how to do it:

  1. After downloading and installing MoreLogin, launch the application and click the “New profile” button on the main page.
  2. 3.png

  3. In the new window, navigate to the “Advance setting” section, and then proceed to the “Proxy settings” tab.
  4. 4.png

  5. Choose your “Proxy type” from the drop-down menu provided.
  6. 5.png

  7. Select the protocol you need – either HTTP or HTTPS.
  8. 6.png

  9. Input the address of the proxy server you intend to use.
  10. 7.png

  11. Enter the username and password in the “Proxy account” and “Proxy password” fields, respectively.
  12. 10.png

  13. Click “OK” to confirm the settings you have entered.
  14. 11.png

  15. Press the “Start” button to activate the proxy within the new profile. All your Internet traffic will now be routed through this proxy.
  16. 12.png

  17. To verify the proxy’s functionality, check the “Event Log” under the “Proxies&Scraping Infrastructure” section. This log provides details about the connection to the proxy server and its performance.
  18. 13.png

Configuring a proxy in MoreLogin is an ideal strategy for those prioritizing safe and anonymous Internet usage. It also maximizes the features available in the software for managing multiple accounts.