Setting up a proxy in Logii Browser

Logii is a specialized browser designed for multi-account management, ideal for marketers, traffic arbitrage specialists, professional bettors, and anyone prioritizing online anonymity and security. This application is adept at handling multiple accounts across advertising exchanges or bookmakers, enabling users to change their location and system fingerprint.

Like other anti-detect browsers, Logii offers the capability to assign a unique system fingerprint to each tab, allowing the management of multiple accounts on a single site without the risk of being blocked by online services. This eliminates the need for constant logging out or page reloading.

However, it’s important to note that many services analyze users' IP addresses to determine geolocation. A high volume of requests from a single IP can trigger anti-fraud systems. Therefore, using a proxy is essential to effectively replace your location and circumvent blocking.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Logii

How to set up a proxy in the Logii antidetect browser

To configure a proxy in Logii, follow these steps:

  1. Open Logii and go to the “Options” section on the start page. Click on the “Profiles” tab and then select “New Profile” to create a new one or choose to edit an existing profile.
  2. 1.png

  3. In the profile editing window, you have the option to upload a file with the proxy server configuration or enter the proxy parameters manually. If entering manually, use the format: IP, Port, User, Password. This can be done in the “Proxy info” section by selecting the “Proxy String” option.
  4. 2 (1).png

  5. For separate entry of proxy parameters, within the “Proxy info” section, switch to the “Separated data” mode.
  6. 3.png

  7. Choose the appropriate protocol and input the IP and port. If using a private proxy, also include the username and password.
  8. 4.png

  9. After entering the details, click "Continue". Then, in the “Profiles” section, click the “Open” button next to the chosen profile to launch a new browser page with the applied proxy settings.
  10. 5.png

Setting up proxies in Logii is quick and straightforward, typically taking less than a minute. Using a proxy, Logii’s anti-detection capabilities allow you to manage numerous accounts efficiently. This setup safeguards against anti-fraud system triggers, and CAPTCHA interruptions, and minimizes the risk of account blocks.