How to set up a proxy in Safari on Mac OS

A properly configured proxy server for Mac will protect your device from hacking and blocking, making you "invisible" on the network. This is especially important if you work with social networks or run your business online. But before setting up, make sure that you use a reliable personal proxy - this is the only way you will get the highest level of protection.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Safari on Mac OS

Proxy settings in Safari

  1. Open your browser and go to the "Safari" tab on the top bar.
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  3. Go to the "Preferences".
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  5. Click on the "Advanced" button and next to the "Proxies" inscription, click on "Change Settings ...".
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  7. In the opened window, go to the "Proxies" section.
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  9. First of all, select the proxy protocol for the configuration: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SOCKS, RTSP. (You will get the type from the proxy provider at the time of purchasing the proxy).
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  11. Now enter your proxy server details: IP address and port. If your proxy has an authorization, then enter a Username and Password, by checking the box next to "Proxy server requires password”.
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  13. You can set rules for some web resources, and then the proxy will not work on these sites. To do this, in the "Bypass proxy settings for these Hosts & Domains" field, enter the domains or addresses of those resources for which rules will apply.
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  15. Click "OK" and the setting will be completed.
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You can check rather the setting was successful or not, through the same browser. Type in the search bar "My IP address" and select any site that you like. If you see the IP of your proxy, the installation was successful!

If Safari is unable to connect to the proxy, then contact the manager of the proxy company that issued your proxy. Sometimes you need to restart your browser or device and then try to enter the data again.


Now you know how to set up a proxy for Mac OS using the Safari browser. We strongly recommend that you do not use free public proxies as this will only harm your device. Free servers are used by a large number of people, they are slow and unreliable. Give preference to paid proxies: they will provide you with a safe network experience, without interruptions and any risks of being blocked.