How to set up a proxy in Che Browser

Che Browser is an anti-detect software that you can install on your device. It replaces browser fingerprints and your PC data so that the user remains anonymous on the web. This is a great option for scraping, SEO optimization, managing a large number of social media accounts, and promoting a business online.

Why a proxy is needed for Che Browser

To use all the features of Che Browser and not be afraid of blocking, we recommend setting up a proxy server. With a proxy, you can create and maintain more than 100 accounts without the risk of being blocked. To do this, you need to follow the rule: 1 proxy for 1 profile. Then web resources will not detect that they are managed by one person from one device, and will be able to safely promote your business on the Internet.

High-quality proxies will also speed up Che Browser, help you bypass regional restrictions, and optimize many tasks.

Video tutorial for proxy configuration in Che Browser

Proxy settings in Che Browser

This browser only supports socks5 proxies. This option is considered the most optimal for working with social networks and multitasking complex processes, for example, with data scraping.

  1. Open Che Browser and log in.
  2. In the "Profile" section, select the desired profile, click on it and select "Settings" from the menu.
  3. 2.png

  4. Move the "Connection" switch to the On position.
  5. 3.png

  6. Next, enter the details of your proxy server: IP address, port, Username, and Password.
  7. 4.png

  8. To check if your proxy is working, click on the "Check Proxy" button. Below you will see the test results. If the browser showed an error, most likely you are using free proxies: they are unreliable and often already have a bad reputation on sites. We recommend buying high-quality private proxies to have no connection problems.
  9. 5.png

  10. If the proxy has successfully passed the check, click on the "Save" button, and the proxy will be configured!
  11. 6.png

    Now you know how to set up a proxy server for Che Browser. This tool, along with a proxy, will become your true assistant in promoting your business online and maintaining a multi-account!