Proxy vs VPN in 2022: Advantages and disadvantages, what to choose

The proxy "filters" the information that the browser receives and delivers it with changes: with a different IP address and location. This helps to bypass blocking and remain anonymous. A VPN is a virtual network that gives the user their data. It seems to “envelop” your connection and thereby ensure anonymity.

Proxy Benefits

  • When you access the Internet through a proxy, you get a new IP address or even several that will alternate with each other. You will be able to collect and process data on a large scale and automate promotion in social networks or SEO.
  • You are not limited in how many proxies to use from one device. It becomes possible to bind a personal IP address for each of your accounts.
  • Proxy also speeds up your Internet connection by filtering junk files and ads.

Disadvantages and risks of proxies

  • Not all servers encrypt transmitted data, which can cause leaks. That is why for sites with high privacy (for example, ID data, card numbers, etc) you should carefully choose a proxy server.
  • The riskiest option is to use free proxies. They are slow and unreliable. Such proxies will do more harm to your data than good.

Proxy types

  • HTTP is the most common type. Helps to access web resources and bypass blocking.
  • HTTPS - differs from its brother HTTP in a higher level of security, as it encrypts traffic.
  • SOCKS is the most secure proxy option that works like a "tunnel" through firewalls. Even the server itself will not be able to see the data that it transmits.
  • FTP - This type is most often used in corporate networks: it shares one IP address with other devices.

Benefits of a VPN

  • The technology creates a secure connection by encrypting traffic. There is no way for scammers to get into the "tunnel" that the VPN creates and steal your data.
  • Hides your activity on the network and replace the IP address.

Disadvantages of a VPN

  • VPNs are not as fast as proxies. Therefore, for web resources, games, and bots, where speed is important, this option is not suitable.
  • The virtual network is still limited in use. You will not be able to access the network through several servers at once, and you will also not be able to interleave them to perform large-scale tasks.


If you need a reliable tool for business, marketing, web scraping and other operations with large amounts of data, choose a proxy. A VPN, on the other hand, is quite suitable for bypassing regional blocks and gaining access to closed sites.