How long does it take to issue a proxy after payment?


Issuance of a proxy takes up to 20 minutes as we receive your payment.

How to extend a proxy?


We notify you three days before the end of the using term via the specified contact information, you can pay for the extending in a convenient way. But, if for some reason, you did not see our message or forgot about it, you can contact the consultant at any time, informing: contact information, your login data in the system, and the IP addresses assigned to you. Extending a proxy package, it is possible to replace all or part of the proxy upon request.

How are your proxies different from all the others?


Our proxies are provided for individual use only. They are not public - where anyone can buy access to them. By purchasing IP addresses, you can be sure that you are using one for your own purposes. Also, guarantees are that our service differs from all others. Buying IP addresses for a specific purpose - we guarantee performance within this purpose.

Can I buy a proxy for spamming messages/emails/brute force?


No, these are prohibited purposes when using our proxies. Anyone who is suspected of such actions will be instantly disconnected from the use of our proxies without a refund.

Are personal proxies suitable for scraping eBay or Amazon?


Yes, our proxies are perfect for this purpose. There are no problems using our addresses.

Can your proxies handle heavy loads?


Yes. But the number of threads from 1 IP address is limited to 6 connections. The speed on our IP addresses is from 20 MB locally (1-5 MB/s on the Internet). You can check the proxy speed here: speedtest.net

I am a resident of Crimea or another restricted area, are your proxies suitable for visiting sites?


Of course. For residents of Crimea, it is recommended to use IP addresses that belong to the Russian Federation, but proxies from other countries are also suitable, this does not matter much

Are package proxies personal too?


All proxies provided on our website: packages/apiece - are personal. Their only difference is the cost. In package proxies, discounts up to 15% are provided, depending on the quantity and rental period.

If I ordered for a week/month, will the proxies work for the entire period or there is no guarantee?


We guarantee the performance of the proxy for the entire paid period, except in cases of receiving a ban due to your incorrect activities. After the expiration of the term, you can pay for the proxy renewal for the period you need. Pay attention to the fact that when extending for a period of 3, 6, 12 months, we provide discounts of up to 10%.

What is the difference between proxies apiece and packages?


It's simple. Proxies in packages are intended for wholesale buyers. The larger the number of proxies and the purchase period, the cheaper the cost of 1 IP. Package proxies offer discounts up to 40%

Has anyone used purchased proxies before me?


Unfortunately, neither we nor the hosting provider give such a guarantee. This is due to the fact that neither we nor the hosting provider collects such statistics. We only give a guarantee that buying from us for a specific purpose the IP address will work.

What if the proxy turned out to be not working after issuing?


If, at the time of issuing IP addresses, one or more addresses are found unusable, within 24 hours from the date of receipt (see Terms and Conditions) - we make a replacement for working IP addresses. If problems arose directly in a process of operation (except for the impossibility of connecting to a proxy) - the IP address(es) cannot be replaced.

Looking for proxies from different networks/subnets - is it real?


Of course. We have a choice of many subnets for different countries, however, before buying, we recommend you to contact the Support chat for up-to-date on countries and networks/subnets information.


How to set up a proxy?


We recommend our users to use an easy-to-manage Proxifier program, the instructions for setting can be found in our blog. Advantages of Proxifier: easy to manage, easy to configure, the ability to create rules depending on the goals and the number of IP addresses. But if it so happened and there is an urgent need to use a browser with a proxy connection, we also compiled all the necessary setting instructions in the blog.

I bought a proxy, but the program says that it is not working, what should I do?


First of all, using private software for any purpose, you should check the developer's documentation/recommendations on using a proxy. Often happens that each program has a different format for adding IP addresses. Also, having loaded the IP addresses into the program, it is necessary to check the correspondence of the selected protocol to our port. Experience has shown that users make mistakes on these two points. If it happened that the proxies do not work during any check, you need to contact our support service so that the specialists can provide assistance/advice in using IP addresses.

What authorization methods can I use?


Authorization is possible in two ways. By Username and Password - recommended for use with a dynamic IP address. And binding by IP address for Static addresses.


Need proxies for Web Scraping, what do you recommend?


We recommend you to use the proxy of the US since many marketplaces could be unavailable for residents of prohibited countries by a certain resource administrator. Usually, proxies of the US are perfectly working with Google web scraping, for example.

How many proxies do you need for Web Scraping and how to use them?


The more you need to scrape, the more proxies you should take, otherwise there is a chance to get CAPTCHA on proxies. Such proxies are not eligible for replacement (see Terms and Conditions). In particular, use no more than 1 thread per 1 proxy.

How many proxies do you need for social networks?


We recommend using 1 proxy for 1 account if you plan to work with accounts for a long time and with proxies as well. But, the acceptance rate is 3 accounts per 1 IP address. Please note that there are cases of account blocking if you exceed the limits of the social network itself.

What proxies are needed for social networks?


We recommend using the proxy of the country for which the accounts are registered. When using a proxy with an account that has different countries, you will need to go through a small check by confirming the phone number. We advise our users to use only those IPs that they lease when registering manually.