• For all types of spam: mail (mailing lists), social networks, etc;
  • For such used product boards ("avito", "olx", etc);
  • Phishing, brute-force, carding, any kind of hacking and everything similar with it;
  • Posting and distribution and viewing of pornographic content;
  • For distributing and downloading content via torrent clients;
  • For payment systems and online banking (QIWI, Yandex money, etc);
  • Distribution of virus software;
  • Fraudulent activity on the Internet.
For violation of these conditions, proxies will be disabled without a refund.
  • Check proxy for operability within 24 hours from the moment the proxy is issued;
  • Report any problems with the proxy to our technical support in a timely manner;
  • Do not use third-party proxy checkers;
  • Do not use public/free proxy checkers.
  • Do not use one proxy IP address for operation or registration of more than one account per betting website;
  • Do not use accounts that were previously registered on a different IP address on a new proxy;
  • For each new proxy IP address, you need to create a new profile with anti detect browser, use new hardware, fingerprint, clear the browser cache and cookies before each IP address changes;
  • It is important that all leaks from the client-side must be eliminated before starting to work with a proxy, namely, WebRTC, DNS, timezone, or language inconsistencies;
  • Make a purchase of a proxy exclusively for the purpose of "Proxy for Bet365" specially designated on the website. If proxies were purchased for any other purpose on the site (including in the sections "Proxy for Sports betting" and "For Web Surfing / Another website/service"), access to bet365 (.ru, .com, or any other domain of the site) is not guaranteed. We also reserve the right to replace proxies without notifying the user if it is found that proxies are used for a different purpose than they were purchased for.
  • Lack of access to bet365, pinnacle (endless loading, gray screen, etc), or problems with the operation of the betting site at any time during the entire rental period of the proxy is not a reason for a replacement or refund. The exceptions are the cases described in the paragraph below.
  • Access to any other sites (payment systems, other betting sites) on a proxy for this purpose is not guaranteed.
  • A refund for an order or replacement of a proxy is possible only in the first hour after the order is issued.
The user agreement for the "Proxy for Bet365" tariff described on this page takes precedence over some points that replace and supplement some points of the main Offer. The conditions are mandatory when using a proxy for bet365, pinncale, violation of any of these points, as well as many other features of bet365, pinnacle specifically, may lead to problems with the performance of the proxy you purchased for this betting site. In this regard, we reserve the right not to issue refunds or replace proxies.
  • Do not configure proxies in bots for working with betting sites (TheForks, Forking, Betsai, and others). If the user encounters a problem with the operation of the proxy or access to bet365 or pinnacle in any bots or third-party extensions, to check the IP address, you need to use the standard proxy settings (Firefox browser, Proxifier program);
  • To check the location of the IP address of the proxy, use only the service. Inconsistency of the location in the Google database, anti-detect browsers, or any other services that have an outdated database is NOT a reason for replacing the proxy or refunding.
Not knowing the conditions does not absolve from responsibility. We reserve the right not to make a refund if one of the conditions is violated.
Best regards, proxy-sale!