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From $0.7 - 1 pc.
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From $1.7 - 1 pc.
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From $1.3 - 1 pc.
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From $1.3 - 1 pc.
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From $2.1 - 1 pc.
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From $1.3 - 1 pc.
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From $2.1 - 1 pc.
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From $2.1 - 1 pc.
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From $1.4 - 1 pc.
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From $2.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker India
From $2.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker Poland
From $1.4 - 1 pc.
location-marker Canada
From $1.3 - 1 pc.
location-marker Italy
From $1.3 - 1 pc.
location-marker Brazil
From $1.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker Georgia
From $1.7 - 1 pc.
location-marker Sweden
From $2.5 - 1 pc.
location-marker Norway
From $2.5 - 1 pc.
location-marker Finland
From $2.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker Czech
From $1.3 - 1 pc.
location-marker Switzerland
From $2.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker Austria
From $2.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker China
From $1.6 - 1 pc.
location-marker Spain
From $0.8 - 1 pc.
location-marker Japan
From $1.7 - 1 pc.
location-marker Turkey
From $1.2 - 1 pc.
location-marker Korea
From $2.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker Indonesia
From $2.1 - 1 pc.
location-marker Lithuania
From $0.9 - 1 pc.
location-marker Russia
From $0.8 - 1 pc.


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Lisa Lewis avatar

Lisa Lewis


I was satisfied with the quality. For MF, ML is suitable, and not only, I just took it for. And just checked  for surfing - everything is clear. Advised, in general, not in vain, and I advise.




I have the most positive impressions of the service. I took it for the first time, the support service got in touch very quickly and the specialist Ruslan helped to set everything up. A man - a professional in his field, I could not have done everything myself. Contacted by Team Viewer. The connection is fast. I look forward to further cooperation. I will only take it here. I contacted other suppliers, they did not provide such a good service. Service and proxies are great!

John West avatar

John West


Been using this service for a long time. Took 5 proxies for FB, quality is great, high speed. Service and proxies are top notch

Viktor avatar


The service is good, works with a lot of providers all the time, which gives you the opportunity to get good, quality, and most importantly, inexpensive proxies. They have 24/7 online support, high quality service.Recommend it!

George avatar



I took 6 proxies under FB, they proved to be excellent. The quality is excellent and it is easy to visit many sites. Sometimes problems arise, I write to support and they fix this issue, a big plus that it works around the clock. I hope to continue my collaboration in the future!

Carlos Alfonso avatar

Carlos Alfonso


They sell high-quality proxies, I bought a proxy here to work on Facebook, everything works well, there are no complaints from the site, sometimes some of the truth hangs, but you can always contact the round-the-clock technical support of the resource and the specialists promptly fix the lags, I am satisfied, prices are not high for services.

Erick Richardson avatar

Erick Richardson

Get a proxy from these guys, you won't regret it. A big plus for them for the opportunity to take for 1-2 weeks, and for a convenient, clear site. And for the articles on setting up, they helped me a lot personally

Roland avatar



This hosting was recommended to me by my best friend. I was pleasantly surprised. The support works flawlessly. I had many questions, each of them was answered. The price is  low. Pleased with a large number of countries


At you can buy IPv4 and IPv6 proxies with HTTP(s) and Socks5 support with high speed, stable operation, and round-the-clock technical and customers support. By purchasing individual proxies from us, you will receive IP addresses from a reliable proxy provider from around the world.

Fast IPv4 and IPv6 proxies (up to 1 Gb/s) will provide any user with stable operation of browsers and any other programs where they are required.

Private IPv4 proxies - speed and stability

Proxy-Sale provides private IPv4 / IPv6 proxies for individual use, which means that rented dedicated IP addresses will be used only by you and will serve the entire lease period (regardless of whether it is a week, a month, or a year)..

Our proxy server fleet is maintained and monitored by a professional team of system administrators around the clock, guarding the stable and fast operation of the proxy. Technical support is ready to help at any time and for any reason. It could be a force majeure, questions about setting up a proxy in a particular program, bypassing the provider's blocking, and so on.

Good private proxies don't mean expensive

Our company is constantly working with a large number of providers, which makes it possible to get good, high-quality, and most importantly, affordable proxies. And the opportunity to save on packages from 10 pieces and a longer rental period makes proxies very cheap and affordable.

We also have free proxies. Although they do not differ in high speed and stability, several people can use them at the same time, but they are suitable for very simple tasks. If you are planning to engage in professional activities, then it is better to take paid proxies.

Try the service, for the test you can purchase even one proxy for a minimum period and we are sure that in the future you will no longer have a question about where to buy good proxies.